Friday, 21 June 2013

We had a long meeting to discuss what to do. Mo and Val had obviously been talking before we met, and they presented a united front. They think that Phillips's diary makes is obvious that Victoria, the huge crater where Phillips made his discoveries, must lie behind the region where we found the cave. The cave must join up with the crater, and is most likely where Phillips emerged when he was rescued months later.

They want to explore the cave, and around the hills. I can tell that Mo thinks the cave will link up with the place Phillips described, and that we'll make the greatest discoveries of our careers in there. I'm less sure. Phillips was insane when they found him; who knows if anything in that book is real.

The cave gives me a bad feeling. Mo and Val won't be put off, though. It seems that the cave and the rocky hills are the order of business for the time being. No matter what I think.

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