Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mo went through his research into Howard Phillips, the scientist who found the snake skeleton.

Phillips led several expeditions into The Sick Land in the early twentieth century; the 1906 expedition was his last. According to Mo, Phillips and his team set off in the summer to investigate an enormous crater Phillips had found on the previous expedition. The prevailing theory was that the crater was the result of a meteorite impact, but Phillips was convinced it was the dried-up remains of an inland sea.

Phillips and his team went missing. Their supplies were inadequate for a long stay, and several rescue parties failed to find them. Three months later, Phillips was found wandering in the Green Zone, alone, malnourished, and insane. He was naked, and dragging a makeshift sled loaded with the things he'd found in the crater. When they rescued him, they hoped he might recover and explain what had happened, but he died almost immediately. No one has ever found the crater.

Mo thinks we should look for Phillips's crater. He's studying all the old papers on the topic, to try and pinpoint the location. It would be an amazing discovery.

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