Sunday, 16 June 2013

The thing came last night, and it left a trail.

I checked the webcam when I got up, but there was nothing there. When I checked the paint, though, I found footprints going away from Val's window. The prints were shaped like a 'V', just like the first one I found. I got Val and Mo together, and told them we'd be going out to track something. They seemed excited, and we loaded up the Jeeps and headed out.

The footprints were visible for a couple of miles, but began to fade after that. We followed the fading prints to a sheltered patch behind a boulder. Torn, soaking paper was piled up there. The footprints disappeared, and it was impossible to tell where the thing had gone.

I painted the ground in the area with the tracking paint. If the thing uses this place as a way point, maybe it will come back and leave another trail. The others were interested in the paper, and I told them I thought we might find a stash. I could tell they were curious about the thing we were tracking, but I kept quiet. We'll come back tomorrow to see if we can pick up the trail.

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