Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ludwig appeared this morning, and asked if we could go out into the Yellow Zone. I asked him if he felt okay; he said he was fine. He's eager to get out and start exploring. He said he'd been okay yesterday, that it was nothing he couldn't handle. On one hand, it's great to have someone so enthusiastic and resourceful on the team. On the other, his reaction to The Sick Land is very different from others I've seen. Different to my own early reaction, too.

We went out, past where we'd gotten before, and into the Yellow proper. Ludwig showed no signs of any ill effects. Maybe there is something in the theory of strong, early exposure. We only went back because Val wasn't feeling too well.

Back at the station, Ludwig suggested that we should start searching for Victoria. Now that he's acclimatised, we've got three reliable researchers. I agreed, because he presented the idea so enthusiastically, but I still have some misgivings. I don't even know what we do if we find it. Surely it's too dangerous to explore?

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