Sunday, 2 June 2013

The thing came last night. The webcam filmed it creeping toward the window. When it got within ten feet or so, it spotted the webcam. The thing looked up, froze, then spun and ran out of shot. I don't know whether it will be back. I hope so. I want to track it, and find out where it gets the paper. I also think it might be dangerous; at the very least, it wrecked one of our Jeeps. If the thing is dangerous, I want to kill it somehow. I don't know if there are any weapons at this station. I haven't seen any likely looking doors or cabinets.

I'm deliberately not speculating about what the thing is. I can't face thinking about it. I've had my suspicions for a while, and the webcam footage has done nothing to dismiss them. Because of the distance, and the thick glass of the window, it's difficult to make out much detail. The thing has a roughly humanoid shape, and it moves jerkily, like a spider or lizard.

The blurry shape looks as if it's draped in a tattered orange hazmat suit.

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