Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Val and I took Ludwig out today. He rode in my Jeep and Val drove the spare. We'd agreed that we would go as far into The Sick Land as we could, stopping when Ludwig became too ill to continue. It was his idea to do it like that.

He made it much farther than I would have guessed. He said he was starting to feel sick when we got into the deep Green. I'd been waiting for him to tell me to stop for pretty much the whole journey, and I asked if he wanted to go back. He waved me away and said to go on. We were almost in the Yellow before we turned. He was holding his stomach and looked miserable, but he wasn't sick, and he hadn't lost colour, which I think was a positive sign.

When we got back, he locked himself in his room. Val and I joked with each other about our first experiences here, and I could tell she was impressed with Ludwig's attitude and his resilience. I'm impressed too; he'll be a valuable addition to the team.

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