Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I put the prehistoric tool in a plastic tub and left it outside my door last night. It sounds stupid, but I'm not ready for another creepy dream. I was tired yesterday, and I thought a good night's sleep was more important than exploring my subconscious.

The webcam showed nothing again, but Mo told me he'd dreamt something was trying to get into his window. In his nightmare, the mate of the skeleton we'd found was trying to reach the body of its dead partner. He'd woken screaming, thinking that a half-skeletal monster was about to break into his bedroom. He thinks it was all a dream, and he's started researching the skeleton again. I think he heard the thing, and I'm determined to track it.

I found something for that in the lab, a kind of paint used for following animals. You paint it on a surface, and it sticks to the feet of whatever walks over it. You can follow the trail with a special camera. It's only good for a few miles, but the land is so bare around here that I think it'll be good enough - the thing can't come from too far away. I painted the cement under each bedroom window just before dark.

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