Thursday, 31 October 2013


I made my decision.

I went to the administrator's office and told him I wouldn't blow the whistle. I explained that I was passionate about solving the expansion problem, and that I'd let my personal feelings get in the way of finding a solution. I told him I had no desire to jeopardise the research taking place here, and that I would leave without any complaints. The administrator listened to my apology, and said it was a shame to lose a young scientist, especially one so dedicated. I told him I would like nothing more than to work in the facility on the expansion problem. The administrator seemed genuinely moved, and said he'd see if there was anything he could do to arrange a transfer to another group, as they never like to see a mind go to waste.

I hope he can find a place for me. If I have to go, I'll go quietly, but I'd much rather stay here and contribute. If there's any way I can help solve this problem, I'll do it.

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