Friday, 4 October 2013


I spent today in a hospital bed. I feel okay. My throat is sore, and I've been hooked up to an IV so I can hydrate as quickly as possible. I've eaten a few meals, and the food is as good as hospital food generally is. After being hungry for so long, it's amazing to feel full again.

I've got a team of doctors working on me. They seem to be moonlighting medical researchers, and it means I've been subjected to all kinds of strange tests. One of the doctors painted my chest with a pink powder. I asked him what is was for, and he said the powder would discolour if I was carrying any particulate matter from The Sick Land. Nothing happened - I'd been sprayed in a decontamination shower when I came in. I asked the doctor how the powder worked; he told me he wasn't sure and I should ask a chemist. The answer didn't fill me with confidence.

The medical team took blood samples and urine samples, as well as running me through a rusty iron scanner that looked like it was built during the cold war. I should find out tomorrow if I have the all clear. None of them would tell me anything about the tests they were running, or what exactly they were looking for. I've decided I want to know a lot more about the advanced technology they have here.

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