Saturday, 5 October 2013


The chief doctor came and spoke to me today. She told me they hadn't found any evidence I'd been permanently damaged by my prolonged exposure to the mal. I asked her if that just meant that my symptoms were yet to manifest, and she waved the question away. She said it's best not to think about these things. Apparently, I haven't suffered too badly from the more mundane effects of being stranded, either. They don't think I've done any permanent damage to my body.

I asked when I'd be up and about, and the doctor said it should be any day now, and that I'm surprisingly healthy. I asked her how it was possible; she fobbed me off by saying I was lucky, and the effects of the mal aren't understood. I'm not happy with that response; it makes me wonder whether they're withholding information. It's easy to tie yourself in knots thinking like that, though, so I've been trying not to. The first thing I'll do when I'm out of hospital is get as much information as I can about what they're doing here. Then I'll be in a better position to speculate about possible adverse effects in the future.

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