Monday, 7 October 2013


The doctors came and took more blood today. They said I'd be able to leave tomorrow. I was told to stay hydrated, and to eat an extra meal every day, at least until I've gained some weight. I told them I felt fine, and that I was surprised at how quickly I recovered. I noticed them looking at one another before anyone answered. One of them said he thought my body might be stronger as a result of resisting the mal. Another doctor pushed forward, and said his theory was that the mal had shut down some of the systems in my cells that could have caused damage. I asked which it was, and the two doctors started talking at once. In the end, they walked off to another office, bickering as they went.

I'm coming to the conclusion that, despite how advanced the tech seems to be here, most of the researchers still don't have a very strong idea of what's going on. I thought there'd be a much larger basis of theory underlying the technology and experiments I've seen, but if the doctors here are anything to go by, all they do is promote their pet theories and ignore the bigger picture. Starting tomorrow, I'm getting as much information as I can.

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