Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I was allowed out of bed today. I feel okay, though I still need to gain some weight. I'm technically on medical leave, so I took the opportunity to explore the facility and get a better idea of what everyone does here. What I've found hasn't impressed me.

When I was first exposed to the technology here, I thought I couldn't understand it because I didn't have the right background. Today, as I went around the facility, I asked everyone I saw how they did what they were doing, and how their technology worked. If they said something I couldn't follow, or tried to gloss over details, I asked them for a reference. My plan was to use my free time to immerse myself in the research and get a thorough theoretical background. I hit a problem immediately.

No one was willing to give me more details, or explain anything in more depth than the most superficial analogies. I've spent my working life with scientists, and they usually love to explain their field to interested people. I don't understand what's happening. No one seems to have any books, or papers, either. It's like they exist in a vacuum, where they already know everything they need to know, but they can't, or won't, transmit the information. I don't see how this place can run. I'm going to investigate further tomorrow.

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