Saturday, 26 October 2013


I had a horrendous dream last night. Clearly, it was caused by what I saw yesterday. I spent today in a daze, sleepwalking through the work I'd been assigned. I don't think anyone noticed a difference.

In my dream I saw a city. People bustled along the pavements, while cars queued in the roads. The sky went dark, and the people looked up. A sickly yellow light washed over the city. A man burst. Two children huddled together, and their bodies melted into one, their screaming mouths widening until they met in a sickening, sagging grin. Enormous pulsating tubes ripped from the ground, hurling cars aside and latching onto people, turning them into desiccated husks. All the while, on the horizon, an enormous, dark wave approached, and I knew it would wash over the city, killing everyone who remained.

I can't bear it. I have to know what's happening, what's being done here about the expansion. I'm going to speak to the project leader tomorrow. And if he can't tell me what I want to know, then I'll find someone who can.

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