Thursday, 3 October 2013


I'm writing this from the passenger seat of a Jeep. They did their best to slow me down, but I've still managed to drink enough water that my stomach feels swollen.

I was picked up a couple of hours ago. The facility had a few teams running experiments in the area, and the driver of the Jeep told me that everyone has been searching for me since I reported emerging from the cavern. If I'd stayed there, I'd have been found earlier.

It's amazing that I've survived; the question now is what damage my extended stay in The Sick Land has caused. We don't understand how the mal works, why it affects certain people in certain circumstances immediately, while others remain untouched. I just have to hope that I'm one of the lucky ones. After this much exposure, though, I'll want them to run every test they can to make sure I'm clear. I never really got to have a good understanding of the work that goes on at the facility, but they must have some pretty advanced medical science for dealing with the effects of the mal. My best-case scenario now is that I'm fine, and I can get back to work. Having seen The Sick Land up close, I feel even more driven to investigate its mysteries.

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