Tuesday, 29 October 2013


As soon as I got up this morning, I was taken to see one of the administrators. The administrator told me I was no longer on duty with the mapping team, and that my job with the facility was terminated. I was told I was a liability, and that I'll be taken to a military base at the end of the week and flown home. I was so angry, I could barely formulate a response; I just stamped away without thinking about what I was doing. I've had all day to sit in my room and consider it, and I know I don't want to leave. I want, I need, to stay here and tackle the expansion problem. I don't care about the mapping team - they aren't doing anything to help, anyway - but I have to do something.

If they're going to send me away, there's at least one way I can help. If they can't be persuaded to let me stay, then I'll blow the whistle. The world needs to know about what's happening here. I'd rather stay and contribute to the solution, but if I have to, I'll alert the media. It might well destroy me as a scientist - or worse, if they're as serious about security as they seem to be - but I have to know that I've done something, anything, to help.

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