Friday, 18 October 2013


Today was a long day of safety training. I managed to chat with a few of my colleagues about their views on the expansion.

If the current rate of expansion holds, The Sick Land could overwhelm a population centre within my lifetime. There's no reason - at the moment, anyway - to believe that the rate of expansion would stay the same, but then, none of the researchers seem to have any idea about how or why the rate of expansion is as it is. The researchers here are taking it on faith that something will change; they aren't worried at all about the expansion. It makes me wonder whether there's something going on somewhere, maybe on the lower floors, that gives them this confidence. Perhaps whatever method they've discovered to ward off the mal can be used to hold back the expansion.

I want to be as confident as they are about curbing the expansion, but the thought of whole cities falling into The Sick Land terrifies me. I have to know what's being done about it; I can't just put it out of my mind like the other researchers seem to.

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