Sunday, 20 October 2013


I spent the whole morning feeling nauseated and with a terrible headache. Whatever they've done in their lab, they've at least managed to replicate that aspect of the mal. I felt slightly better in the afternoon and went to find them. They offered me another look, but I turned them down. I wanted to talk about what I'd seen.

They told me the brain doesn't have the correct conceptual equipment to process the information it receives through the viewfinder. They said the reason I got a headache so quickly was because my brain was running through numerous approaches, trying to find a consistent representation of what I was seeing. Apparently, some people see black patches, because their brains give up trying to process the signal and just ignore it.

I asked for more details about the process and their theories about the mal, and they told me to come back tomorrow and participate in some experiments. Once I've done that, they think I'll be better equipped to understand what they're doing. I'm dubious about whether it'll make any difference, but it's their project, so I'll play by their rules.

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