Tuesday, 15 October 2013


They gave me a day to look around the rest of the lower facility and decide which team to join. I've looked at a number of different projects and spoken to a lot of scientists. It dawned on me around lunchtime that I was getting exactly the same impression of the lower facility as I did of the upper.

The scientists here make use of incredibly complex technology. Some of the technology, like the map of the mal field, looks cutting edge. I know from personal experience that sophisticated technology breaks down when exposed to the mal. So why does their technology work? It might be that the facility is outside of the Green Zone - I'm not sure - but how do the sensors that provide the data for the map work? I tried asking people about it, but no one had a good response. I think they've discovered something here, some way to circumvent the mal and keep their technology working. That would also explain why the field researchers are able to stay healthy. And why I was okay after all that time out by the furrow.

I want to know how they've done it. If they've discovered how to control the mal, maybe even gained some understanding of it, the information is bound to be top secret. If I want to know how it works, I'll need to prove I can be trusted. There are restricted areas down here, and I saw a secure elevator at the end of one corridor. It's no secret on this level that there's a level below. I'll have to go deeper to find what I want.

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