Tuesday, 23 July 2013


We're back in territory I recognise, which means we're getting close to the old station. I say I recognise the territory; I recognise the type of terrain in this area. There are more scrubby bushes and trees than there are in the area around the facility.

I got talking with one of the researchers. She'd twisted her ankle and was riding along in my Jeep. She told me about the experiments she'd been doing before she'd been brought back into the field team. She'd been working on quantifying how the mal affects aggressiveness in mice. Apparently, it's well known that The Sick Land can make animals more aggressive. I asked her if there was a particular reason she studied that. She laughed, and told me they want to bottle it and give it to soldiers. I laughed too, but it did make me think. I don't really know what the relationship is between the military and the facility. There seems to be some connection. There's nothing wrong with doing science for the military, but you do wonder what use they'll put it to. I'll ask someone.

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