Sunday, 28 July 2013


The storm raged all night. I left the tent this morning to a commotion. The researchers stood around the crater, talking animatedly. The water is gone. The crater looks exactly as it did when I saw it before. There's no evidence of any water, any underground sea. That wasn't the worst, though. There was a body at the bottom of the crater. There was a body at the bottom, and it wasn't one of us.

A couple of the researchers climbed down into the crater. It looks nothing like what we saw on the camera. The body is one of the researchers we lost in the cavern days ago and miles away. She was bone dry, and looks like she died yesterday.

I had to leave the group; I needed some time on my own. I ran the footage from the submersible camera. It's gone. All that's on the tape now is static. Something happened here, but I don't know what.

We aren't staying. Two of the team are taking the body back to the facility. The rest of us are going to follow the furrow.

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