Friday, 26 July 2013


There was a dead fish floating on the water this morning.

Just a normal fish. I don't know what kind. It didn't look prehistoric, or altered by the mal, or anything like that. Just a normal, inexplicable fish.

We talked about a nearby sea that might be hidden, but I know this area pretty well, and I think I'd be aware of a body of salt water big enough to support fish. I told them about the armoured fish we found in the Yellow Zone, and they became excited; I guess we'll probably explore that region in the future. They've contacted the base for a submersible camera, and there's one being driven here. They sent for it as soon as we found the water, and it should be with us tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan.

The fish has been dissected, and the water has been tested. Normal fish, normal sea water.

The other researchers aren't used to this kind of thing. Even though they've been out in the field for much longer than I have, they don't seem to have encountered anywhere near as many strange events in The Sick Land. I think they've been conservative in their exploration, sticking close to home and running experiments, rather than exploring the depths of this strange part of the world. Either that, or there's something about me. Some luck, or bad luck, or something, that puts me in these situations. Maybe I'm a lightning rod.

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