Monday, 8 July 2013


We packed up the camp and set off in the morning, travelling for eight hours before setting up a new camp. I got involved with a fun experiment testing how the mal affects breathing. Three of us were hooked up with old-fashioned pressure gauges attached to masks, and we had to run a mile with the gauge recording our breathing. Ross, the guy in charge of the experiment, said he's hoping to produce a complete list of the effects The Sick Land has on human physiology, and compare it with the effects on other animals. He showed me a cage full of white mice that he's been using as subjects.

I estimate that, travelling at this speed, we're about another eight to ten hours away from the cavern. We should be there tomorrow, or the day after at the latest. I've started looking through the equipment to see if any experiments spring to mind. I love being part of an active research community.

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