Saturday, 6 July 2013


I was supposed to be going out with the field team today, but Morrison, the man who came to see me at the military base, requested that I stay and speak with him. He said he'd been reading this blog, and that he wants me to continue with it. I was quite surprised. He said he thought it was important that a record be maintained of what was happening out here. I asked him about secrecy; he told me that would be taken care of, excused himself, and left the room.

When he came back, he was carrying a small laptop. He passed it to me, and said that as long as I agreed to do all the updates through this laptop, I could keep the blog going. I asked what was special about it, and he smiled. He told me it was satellite-linked to the base, and would work intermittently most places in The Sick Land. The signal was very patchy, but the posts could be transmitted in bits to the servers in the facility. After that, the team here would read them, extract any classified information, and post them online. I thanked him and took the laptop, and we carried on the briefing. I'll take a Jeep out tomorrow to meet with the field team, and from there we'll continue to the cavern.

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