Thursday, 4 July 2013


Sergei used to work here.

I found out when I was being shown around the facility. When Sergei left the station, he didn't go to a university, he came here. He was here until he was called back when we needed another researcher. It's started me wondering whether his knowledge, and his superior attitude, came from research he'd been exposed to in this facility. From what they've shown me, they're ahead of the academic program. It's not clear to me yet how far ahead they are, but my training places me with each group, so I should get a good overview of the state of the research. I wonder, though, why Sergei lied about where he'd been. My best guess is that this place is actively kept secret, probably to protect their findings. I can't imagine what commercially viable research might come out of The Sick Land.

The first group I've been assigned to is the field team. I guess they thought it would be good for me to do something similar to what I've already been doing. I'm joining them tomorrow; it'll be nice to start work. Life's been pretty weird.

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