Saturday, 13 July 2013


They're gone. They're all gone. We came back down the hill and saw the camp. But we didn't see any people. All the equipment, vehicles, and animals were still there; only the researchers were gone.

I panicked a bit when I saw there was no one there, but then I realised they were probably all in the cavern. It was still light, and conceivably they were still in there. We left our equipment and headed in. There was nobody in the main cave, though they'd clearly been there: everything was tagged and bagged and ready to go back to the facility. The rear of the cave looked like it extended for miles, and I wondered whether we'd ever find them. We exchanged glances, and went deeper into the cave.

After about twenty yards, the cave turned to the left and ended abruptly. It doesn't head for miles underground. It just stops. So where are they?

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