Tuesday, 9 July 2013


We made camp within sight of the cavern. We'll press on and investigate it tomorrow. We stopped here because it's right in the middle of an area of fluctuation, where the edge of the Green interacts with the edge of the Yellow.

I've noticed that the researchers from the facility are blase about the mal. None of them seem to be worried about persistent exposure; if they're not worried, I don't see why I should be. They showed me a cool trick using Lego cars. They wire up a motor to a Lego car and set it off in the direction of the Yellow. By releasing fifty or so, and seeing where they break down, you get a pretty clear picture of how the mal fluctuates. A woman called Francesca started to explain about her statistical model for the strength of the mal, but I wasn't able to follow what she was saying.

I hope the cavern interests them. I'm certainly very excited about exploring it. Who knows, maybe it will lead to Victoria after all.

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