Friday, 13 September 2013


I found a watch today.

The watch is digital, with a black plastic strap. The screen has a crack in it, but you can still see the time. Judging by the sun, the time is wrong. I have no idea where it could have come from. Someone else must have been this way, and recently. I don't think anyone from the station would come this far, which means they came from the facility, or from somewhere else I don't know about. I don't like either option. If they came from the facility, who are they? If they're a search party, how did they get in front of me, and why haven't they found me? They know where I am. They just need to look for the area I've described. If it's not a search party, what are they doing?

I like the other option less. The idea that there are people out here, in the deeper parts of The Sick Land, worries me. I never really got a chance to adapt to the facility before I was shipped out again, and there's so much I don't know about what goes on out here.

I'm staying alert for other signs.

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