Sunday, 1 September 2013


Somehow, I've gotten turned around.

I don't know how this has happened. It must be the mal interfering with my perception, unless I've moved to the other side of the furrow without realising. But that would mean the sun has started rising on the opposite side of the sky. I don't like this. If I can't trust my senses, I'm pretty much screwed. The whole time I've been out here, the days and days I've been following the furrow, I've known that there's no way to get lost. Just keep the furrow on one side, and know which side the sun rises. I did exactly that today. I went in the same direction as before. Or at least, it seemed to be the same direction. I realised my mistake around midday. After I found the bag.

I found the bag, the bag with my name scrawled all over it, sitting on top of the rock formation where I'd left it. I examined it; I'm certain, as certain as I can be, anyway, that it's the same bag. The rock formation is the same one, too. It even has the crumbled corner on the middle square.

I've spent today travelling backward, obviously, and maybe yesterday too. Maybe I got turned around in my sleep. I don't understand how everything can suddenly be on the opposite side, though. The sun, the position of the furrow, even the position of the bag are all as they were when I left it. It's like I've come from far behind myself.

The Sick Land is changing my perception. Maybe I've been out for too long.

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