Thursday, 19 September 2013


Amazing find today.

I decided I'd walk some of the way along the beach. I went slowly, carrying my bag, planning to stop wherever I wanted and sleep there. I thought that if I walked far enough, I might get some indication of the dimensions of the sea. I didn't. I stopped walking when I came to a scrubby bush that looked familiar. Obviously, one bush looks very much like another, but something nagged me about this one. I sat down and stared at it, and finally I realised what it was.

I've seen the bush in my dreams. I don't know how, but I'm sure it's the same one. Once I knew that, I went back through the blog and studied what I'd written about each dream. I dug underneath the bush, and I found something.

I found a prehistoric tool. It isn't the one I had before. At least, I can't believe it somehow made its way out here and underground. It doesn't look exactly the same: it's darker and dirtier. I'm taking the tool with me to bed. Maybe it'll prompt a dream. It's easy to fall asleep here, at least. The air is warm and the waves are gentle.

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