Sunday, 29 September 2013


When I woke up, the entrance to the cave I'd slept in was gone. I ran my hands over the place where the tunnel ended; it was solid stone. There was no sign there'd ever been a gap. The tunnel stretched away from me in the other direction. With nothing else to do, I followed it. The cave walls are slightly luminescent, though not with the purple light Phillips described. I know I'm not in the same cave he was, though perhaps it's the same system. Although, that assumes that anything here is consistent and reliable.

I followed the cave for hours. I didn't find anything interesting, no fabulous artefacts or mysterious symbols. I wonder whether the cave sealed to protect me from my pursuer. I feel like The Sick Land, or something in it, has acted to protect me before. Of course, the entrance may have flickered open as soon as I turned my back. It makes my neck prickle incessantly to think that the thing might be behind me.

I had stopped here, intending to rest; I don't think I can do that now. I'll carry on.

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