Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I've found Victoria.

I don't know that, of course. What I've found is a sea. The furrow passes through the beach, and I can see it under the water for a short distance. I know this is an inland sea, though it stretches away in both directions; we're landlocked here. When I found it, I sat on the beach and watched the waves lapping gently against the shore. The sun sparkled on the water. This isn't a bad place to spend my final days.

I don't know whether my laptop broadcasts my location, but I suppose it doesn't matter. If they send a team along the furrow, they'll find the sea. It'll be too late for me by then, but maybe if someone makes a discovery down here they could name it after me. It's a better legacy than most people get.

I'm going to sleep now; the waves are soothing and the sun is warm. I'll keep updating while I still can. I have half a bottle of water.

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