Thursday, 5 September 2013


During the night, a thick mist surrounded the camp. By morning, it was impossible to see farther than a few yards. Melanie spent the night at the camp. I didn't see her sleep. We both sat there, silent and awake, while the mist rolled in.

I haven't seen mist out here before. I've never read anything about it in the literature, either. Maybe it's related to whatever it is that's keeping us trapped here. I thought about walking out into the mist to explore, but I balked. It's frightening. It looks as if the world ends just beyond the camp. Out here, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it did.

I'm managing not to panic, but barely. If I don't find a way out soon, I don't know what will happen. I'm so tired, but I'm fighting to keep my eyes open by staring at the fire. I'm terrified that if I fall asleep, I'll wake up tomorrow and there'll be nothing. Everything will be gone.

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