Thursday, 12 September 2013


The brown earth is changing into a dark gold. I haven't seen another tree yet, but there are plenty of low bushes, and I saw a patch of green in the distance that might have been a wood. The sky is clear, and a warm breeze is blowing. I can almost convince myself that this is a leisurely hike.

Today passed in almost complete silence. Whatever is following me seems to be able to move only at night. I feel like I'm always being followed now. My guess is that it's the thing that killed Melanie. I wake before dawn and start walking, and I don't stop until hours after dusk. Maybe I ought to walk through the night and sleep in the middle of the day. At least I know I'm safe then. I don't know if that would help, though. If the thing is going to catch me, it'll catch me. And then I'll be dead.

I don't want to be caught yet, though. I want to follow the furrow to the end. I want to see what's there. See if it was worth all this fear. All this death.

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