Friday, 19 April 2013

We went to see the haze. I crouched down and found it. It looked closer. Sergei squatted next to me. I pointed to it. Xi squatted next to me. I pointed to it. She moved around a lot. Put her head right next to mine.  After a while, she told me she couldn't see it.

Xi and Sergei walked away and whispered. I moved a rock to the 37.5 metre mark. Went back to view the haze. It had moved forward about a metre. I went to tell Sergei and Xi. Sergei said we were going back. That Xi was uncomfortable. They got into their Jeep and drove off, while I followed in my Jeep. They were talking the whole drive back.

We convened in the living area. Sergei stood up. He told me I was hallucinating. That he couldn't see the haze; that Xi couldn't see it. He'd played along at first because he wasn't sure, but Xi had confirmed his suspicion. There was nothing there. They had to decide whether to report me. Whether my delusion was bad enough that I ought to be sent away. They would make this decision without me.

I went to my room.

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