Sunday, 14 April 2013

We went to see the haze. Sergei knelt on the mark we'd sprayed and looked in the right direction. He couldn't spot the haze. I went over. With a bit of swaying, I was able to find it and point it out to him. We took measurements today. It's 38 metres away from the 'X', 1.1 metres wide, and 1.9 metres high. We got the height and width using an old-fashioned theodolite, and the distance by tape measure. We left it stretched out.

When we got back, we discussed our theories about the haze. More accurately, Sergei lectured me about his theory. He thinks it's an area where the laws of physics don't apply to light the same way they do everywhere else. I wasn't really concentrating. He's scratched his hand so much it looks red. If he spent more time listening to people, his hand wouldn't be so sore.

I had a Bob dream last night. He was sitting in the kitchen when I went to get a drink. I could see his whole cheekbone underneath his eye, and the top of his teeth. The eye itself was red and sagging. The specimen covered his whole hand. He looked at me, but he didn't say anything. I think it's interesting that, despite the horrible images, the dreams don't really scare me. It's weird. But then, that's pretty much the defining feature of dreams.

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