Friday, 12 April 2013

We spent the day driving in an arc around the base. Every so often, Sergei would get out and walk around for a while, take some notes, then get back in. He thinks he's sensing the level of mal in each area. I'm not sure that's possible. The research, of which there is little, suggests that the mal in an area can only be inferred from the visible effects. When I said this to Sergei, he told me I was too inexperienced to sense the mal.

I seem to have gotten over my sickness. The body adapts quickly. I'm confident about being okay when we go into the Yellow Zone. Obviously, you never know, but it's a good sign.

We didn't go near the tree that Bob mentioned the other night. I'd probably dig around there a bit. Not because I think I have prophetic dreams. From Sergei's map, I can see that we'll be in the area tomorrow. I'll have a look if we stop there.

I was writing on the computer before bed last night. I needed to note something down, but I couldn't find a pen, so I gave up. I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When I came back, the pen was right there in the middle of the desk next to my pad. It's funny how perception works.

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