Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The body is gone. I went to deal with it, and it was gone. Belt and all.

I thought maybe Xi had done it. So I spoke to her. She didn't know Bob had come back. She'd assumed he was lost out there. She never heard the Jeep come back. I let her keep thinking that and went up to check.

Bob's Jeep was there. So was his night kit. He definitely came back, at least to the entrance. His specimen is gone from the freezer. Decayed away. It left nothing. Nothing to prove he was in the lab. Nothing to show Xi.

I went back to her. Told her he came back. That his Jeep's here. She asked me if I thought he'd parked the Jeep and taken the long walk. Out into The Sick Land. She said they've lost people that way before. I nodded and agreed. What else could I do?

I don't know what's happening. I know what I saw. But his room is empty now. Did Xi move him?

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