Saturday, 6 April 2013

The relief came. It wasn't what I was expecting. I thought we'd get two researchers, one replacing Bob, the other Xi. When we heard the Jeep, we looked out. Xi clutched her suitcase.

A man got out. The driver gave him a bag then pulled away. Xi said 'Sergei?'. Then she walked to her room and locked the door.

The new man came in. His name was Sergei, and he was the researcher I'd replaced. They were having difficulty finding people; he'd returned because it was unsafe to have only two researchers. He didn't know when the next relief would be. When it came, though, he'd be going. After that, it would be Xi's turn. Then me. It could be any number of months before I'm finished here.

Sergei took an empty room. He looked in Bob's room. Told me it stank of mal. I asked what mal smelt like. He looked at me, then pointed at Bob's room and said 'that'.

Sergei wants to train me. His only chance of getting relieved is if I'm experienced enough to train the next set of researchers. We have to go into the Yellow. We have to persuade Xi.

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