Thursday, 25 April 2013

I stowed the skull in a locker in the lab. Better there than in my room. I wanted to show it to the other two, but it didn't work out like that. I found Xi tending Sergei. His head was bandaged; he'd fallen from another ladder. Xi found him when he'd finished bandaging his head; she's worried he might be concussed. I won't show them the skull until I know Sergei is fine. It's not fair on Xi to burden her with it. We'll know by tomorrow whether he's okay. He seems fine to me.

Bizarre dream last night. Bob came to me. The white fungus was covering the right half of his face. Only the eye was visible. His left hand was a stump. The left side of his face was bare bone, with occasional clumps of greying meat. He walked out and I followed him. He moved as if he couldn't remember how. We went up to the lab in the lift. Bob was swaying, his single eye fixed on nothing. He shuffled to an open cupboard. The door was metal; I'd never seen it open before. He limped in and turned round. I knew he wouldn't move again, that I should come here to see him. He stared through me, unblinking, and closed the door.

 When I went to the lab today, I tried the door. Like always, it was locked.

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