Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sergei told me he's happy with my mental state. He said I showed admirable fortitude during yesterday's crisis. I thanked him, and said that I thought the haze wasn't there. I said I didn't think I'd see it again. All true. Sergei's right arm is in a sling. Apparently, he fell off a ladder he was trying to climb with only one hand. I asked him how his hand is. He said it was fine, but healing slowly. Xi spent the day resting in her room.

In my room, the bundle sits on the floor next to my desk. I'll look at it tomorrow. I didn't want to look at it today. I stayed out of there, doing odd jobs and catching up on reading. I only went back to my room to sleep.

I had a dream that Bob came into my room. He didn't say anything, just bent over and stared intently at the bundle. The white fungus covered the right side of his neck and jaw. He still had his right eye, and some skin on his scalp. There weren't any fingers on his left hand anymore.

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