Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I went out on my own to study the haze. I would have taken Sergei, but he was in his room all day again. I heard him moving about in the night, so I know he's okay. I drove to where our equipment was set up; it took me a couple of minutes to find the haze, but I managed in the end.

I ran through some simple experiments. I put a large rock down at the point on the tape measure where we'd found the haze. The haze isn't on the 38 metre mark anymore. It's about half a metre closer to the 'X'. I'm not sure whether we've been measuring inconsistently, the haze has moved, or The Sick Land has affected the tape measure. I noted the readings and headed back to the station.

When I got back, Xi was in the kitchen having lunch. She seemed more relaxed. I told her what I'd found. She was interested, and we discussed going out together to look. She wouldn't agree to a trip, but she said we could talk about it. I asked if she'd seen Sergei, and she said she'd seen him going into his room, but hadn't spoken to him. She's heard him moving in the night too, going up to the lab. She thinks he's doing an experiment.

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