Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I followed the drug trolley. When the scientist delivering the drugs went into one of the rooms, I had a look at the information on his clipboard. The syringes are colour-coded based on what they're used for. The syringe I have from yesterday has a red band around it, which, according to the chart, means it's an experimental compound. I looked at the contents of the trolley; there were fewer red bands than any of the other colours.

No one told me they were testing experimental drugs on 407, though maybe they wouldn't. The important thing for me to find out now is whether the drug was given to 407 by mistake, or deliberately. If it was given deliberately, I need to find out whether they knew it would have that effect. I have to know whether they knowingly put my life at risk to test a drug.

Even if there's an innocent explanation for what happened, I have to wonder what they're doing with that drug. I've heard 407 is still trapped in an animalistic frenzy. I hope they had no idea that would happen. I can't see how a drug that causes murderous rage furthers our research into curing the mal.

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