Friday, 22 November 2013


G section is separated from the rest of the lower floor by a narrow corridor. The corridor is supervised by a couple of soldiers. Supervised, rather than guarded: they don't seem to stop people, but they do check your details and log that you've passed through the checkpoint.

I spoke to the guards, and they asked me my reason for entering G section. I bluffed and said that I wanted to talk to some of the scientists about 407, and discuss the effects of the drug and some biopsy results. The guards weren't particularly interested, and just noted down a few details. They gave me a pass and sent me through. I checked the floor plan on the wall; the experimental drugs section was nearby.

A scientist was leaning on the wall outside the lab door drinking water from a paper cup. He looked at me suspiciously, so I took a risk and told him I wanted to speak to someone about the drug 407 had been given. He obviously thought I was supposed to know about it, because he told me the whole thing was a bust unless they could learn to control it. Then he said everything in G section was a waste of time anyway, as nothing they developed would ever work outside The Sick Land. He asked me if I wanted to come into the lab and talk to someone, but I pretended I had to leave. He watched me until I'd gone past the guards and back into the main corridor.

I'll come back tomorrow and look around.

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