Thursday, 28 November 2013


I went back to the executive area. I couldn't get to the room I'd seen Smith go into, as there were scientists and soldiers in the corridor. There was no way I'd be able to get close. I loitered at a safe distance, and if they noticed me, they didn't care.

Something seemed to be going on, and the people in the corridor looked like they were waiting for whatever was happening to finish. I had a choice: I could wait with them, or I could go back to my room and give up on my investigation. Smith was my final lead; if I stopped now, I'd have nothing to do but go back to work and trust that the people running the facility knew what they were doing. I waited.

I circled around, finding a place where I could watch without being entirely obvious. I wasn't hidden as such, but someone in the corridor would have to look closely to see me. I waited there for an hour before anything happened. Eventually, a man opened the door.

He leaned out and delivered some information to the nearest scientist. The scientist spoke to a number of people, who left after they'd been addressed. Soon, only a couple of soldiers remained. They went to the door and opened it. Someone came out, covered with a blanket that reached almost to the floor. The two soldiers led the blanket-covered person away. I followed them to a guarded lift; they went in and the doors closed.

When the doors opened, the person in the blanket was gone.

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