Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I brought 83 a pad of paper and a marker. He took them and began to write. He wrote that he used to work as a researcher in the top level of the facility. He went on repeated field trips; one day, he found a small patch of thick skin on the underside of his arm. He saw the medical team, and they told him it was the mal. They made him sign papers before he could receive care; when he signed, they moved him down here.

At first, he was treated as a patient, but as his condition grew more severe, he was transferred to different teams of researchers, and began to be treated more like a lab animal. He wrote that his current team have never seen him looking human, or spoken to him, until now.

83 was flagging badly as he wrote, the activity exhausting him. Before he fell into unconsciousness, he managed to tell me that he is kept sedated almost all the time, and that the treatment he receives is like torture. He started to write something else, but he passed out before there was anything legible on the page.

I think it's possible that no one really intended for 83 to be used in the way he has been. At the very least, I need to find out what discoveries have come out of the research conducted on 83. If he's being needlessly tortured, it needs to stop. In the condition he's in, though, it's easy to imagine there's only one way to help him.

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