Saturday, 23 November 2013


I went back to G section. The soldiers on guard weren't the two I saw yesterday, but luckily, I still had my pass. I showed it to them, and they logged the number before nodding me through. I didn't go the way I'd been yesterday, as I didn't think I'd get much out of staring through the window into the experimental drugs lab.

I wandered the corridors aimlessly. Most of the labs were behind heavy doors. The few areas I saw that were windowed showed nothing but scientists mixing chemicals or studying computer screens. I kept my head down when I passed people. There didn't seem to be anything prohibiting me from being in G section, but I thought it would be a good idea to keep a low profile. I turned a corner and saw directly into a large, glass-sided room.

A man was suspended from the wall, a thick metal band passing around his waist, with an attached nylon strap between his legs holding him up. Other nylon straps held his arms and one of his legs. His other leg was enormous, and encrusted with cracked, yellowing skin. I stared through the glass at him. I couldn't hear any sound, but it looked as if he was screaming. I could see no one else in the room. I stumbled away.

As I passed back through the checkpoint, one of the guards stopped me then moved away to speak on his radio. I was made to wait for a few minutes. Smith arrived. She told me to meet her tomorrow, so we could discuss what I'd seen.

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