Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I explored the rest of the corridors. Most of the space is taken up by researchers, all of them doing vivisection. I didn't bother speaking to them after a while; I was hearing the same story over and over again. They were studying how to manipulate the mal. I thought about going into G section, but I couldn't see the point, as I already knew exactly what they got up to in there. The only part of the floor that was any different was the executive area.

Some of the rooms in the executive area were windowed, and I could see people in suits sat around large tables, their mandatory scrubs and masks hanging from hooks by the door. There were more soldiers around, too, who looked at me with suspicion but never said anything. I explored as thoroughly as I could, though I found nothing of any interest, and didn't see anyone who'd stop to speak to me. I spent hours there, and though I didn't find the information I wanted, my persistence paid off.

I was walking through a corridor I'd already been through several times when I heard boots. I pressed myself into a corner and waited. I didn't see any point in pushing my luck, and I'd been hanging around for long enough that the soldiers might have been getting edgy. Between the footsteps, I could hear someone. She was distressed. I was tucked away, so the soldiers didn't notice me as they came through. They were escorting Smith somewhere. I followed as closely as I dared, and watched them put her through a door into a windowless room. I don't think she's been promoted. I got out of there before the soldiers could see me. I'll try to get back tomorrow.

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