Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I've found a bag of supplies. It's one of ours. I left one behind when Francois went missing, and one for Melanie. There's no way this is either of those. Unless somebody moved it. I looked through the bag; it could be either of them.

The bag I left for Francois was back in the area with the red soil, and the bag I left for Melanie is days of travel behind me. There was nothing in the bag that shouldn't have been there. No message, no sign. My best guess is that my follower got in front of me and left the bag there for me to find. I have no idea why; I guess it makes it slightly more likely that I'm being followed by Melanie, though. Maybe if I can lead her away from here, the effects of the mal will be lessened. She might recover.

I haven't stopped. I've left the bag where I found it. If Melanie, or whoever, wants it, they can have it. If they're trying to send me a message, I don't get it. I want to be away from here.

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