Saturday, 3 August 2013


Today was spent trudging miserably back to where we camped before. The equipment we'd left there hadn't been disturbed, but the tents on the side nearest the fungi were stained purple with spores. We'll leave them there.

I've gotten to know the four researchers that are left. Francois and Saul are remnants of the original field team, the group that went to the cavern and climbed the hill with me. Melanie and Ivana are veterans drafted in to replace the people we lost in the cavern. All four of them are much more experienced than I am. I'd find it comforting, if I thought experience made any sort of a difference out here.

I've started drawing the positions of the brightest stars. I'm not sure, but I think they're changing. Which is ridiculous. Whatever it is the mal does to things, it can't possibly reach into space. Can it? The obvious answer is that my senses are unreliable. Hence the drawing. I'm going to keep track of the constellations as we follow the furrow deeper into The Sick Land, and see if I can make any sense of what I draw.

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