Saturday, 17 August 2013


I couldn't stay awake all night. I drifted off sitting in a chair in the middle of the camp. I don't remember dreaming; when I woke up, I was somewhere else. I walked back to the furrow, trying to clear my head. I looked down in the direction I thought the camp should be, but I couldn't see it. I wondered whether I'd walked far enough in the night that I'd lost the camp. I didn't recognise the scenery, and guessed that I'd gone deeper into The Sick Land. I knew which way to go from the position of the sun, and headed back that way to find the others.

I walked for half an hour before I found them. They'd already packed up the camp. They were walking toward me. They didn't acknowledge me. I changed direction and joined the group; we were going deeper into The Sick Land. There was no vote, but since the two of them had apparently decided to follow the furrow, I knew I'd lost.

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